Rocla Oy operates in an environmentally friendly way. We recycle when ever possible and have already long collected waste through sorting networks.

As a whole, a forklift truck or an AGV can be considered as an energy-saving machine since there aren’t any environmentally hazardous emissions such as greenhouse gases, soot nor dust.  We have also taken into account the environmental friendliness and the fact that it can be recycled in our raw material selection. Naturally the recycling and reuse of batteries, tires, metals and cardboards is provided.

We are part of Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd. It operates in conjunction with producer organizations in the packaging sector. It helps firms registered with PYR and the authorities to fulfill packaging recovery obligations economically and easily.

Rocla has been associated with the energy-saving agreement of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Our target is to reduce systematically environmental load in future.