News archive 2012

Rocla’s versatile Solid stackers increase the productivity of material handling

Rocla's reliable Solid stackers increase the productivity and flow of work thanks to their versatility.

Rocla is the Best Solutions Provider in Finland

Rocla Oy was announced as the winner of the first Technical Traders Solutions Provider competition ever. Winner was announced today in Helsinki by the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.

Rocla’s innovation brings more intelligence into warehouse trucks

Rocla is well-known for its technological innovations and way-making solutions in the forklift business. Strong emphasis on R&D and design has been awarded with many international recognitions. Rocla’s latest invention, Active Sway Control vibration damping reduces significantly the mast vibration especially in high lifts. Rocla ASC is a unique solution, first of its kind in the world, developed by Rocla (patent pending). It brings intelligence into warehouse truck and improves the stability of the truck as well as user comfort in daily work. 

Mighty machines from Finland take over Cable Factory

This summer an unprecedented exhibition on the industrial design of Finnish companies will be on display in the Merikaapelihalli in Helsinki's Cable Factory. The extensive HI Design 2012 exhibition will explain the effect design has had on Finland's success and the surprising ways in which design can be influential. HI Design 2012 will highlight a meeting point for high-quality design and technology. Visitors will gain a new perspective on everyday objects such as mobile telephones, and will be able to take a closer look at the equipment and machines used in heavy industry.

Rocla’s new Solid pallet trucks are loading professionals in all operating environments

Rocla’s new Solid pedestrian pallet trucks are designed for constant use even in extreme conditions.