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Modernisation extends the service life of an existing AGV system

In 2002, when Rocla signed the contract to deliver automated guided vehicles to international packaging giant Tetra Pak, the company completed what was then the biggest AGV deal in its history. The deal included automation of seven factories and delivery of around a hundred AGVs to factories all over the world. These vehicles have now been in use for just over a decade, and Tetra Pak has decided to upgrade its AGV fleet to meet the demands of a modern production environment.

Jari Kätkytniemi

Itella chooses Rocla forklift trucks and maintenance

Itella has chosen the Finnish Rocla as its partner for forklift truck procurement and maintenance. Itella will shift from an ownership-based forklift truck procurement model to leasing, with Rocla supplying and centrally maintaining Itella’s entire fleet. The migration will yield significant savings and optimise the equipment for business needs.

Rocla AGV increases safety in VNA warehouse application

Manually operated very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks have been used traditionally in finished goods warehouses of production plants and distribution centers. In the VNA warehouses it is possible to store large amount of pallets in a small area and still have the possibility to access every pallet at any time. The aisle widths vary between 1.6 to 2 meters with lifting heights of 8 to 12 meters.

Reorganization in the Rocla group

Group structure of Rocla Group shall be reorganized in order to simplify the administration of the group, make business more effective and to bring the legal structure to correspond with the operative nature of the business. As part of the reorganization Rocla Oy’s (business ID 0124294-1) customer service business in Finland and AGV business are transferred to a new company, Rocla Solutions Oy (business ID 2530965-3) through a partial demerger in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act.

Otherwise the business of Rocla Oy remains unchanged.

Rocla Unite Solutions

Boost your logistic performance with automation solution

The goal of an automation solution is to improve material handling efficiency and thus reduce costs and increase profitability. With Rocla's advanced process management, customers receive a total logistics solution with a measurable performance boost.

Rocla offers full line of AGV solutions for different applications
Through automation, impressive cost savings can be achieved, especially when personnel are working in shifts or handling longer transfers. Personnel can be saved for more demanding and pleasant tasks instead of monotonous, routine transfers. In addition, using automation increases the safety of the work premises.


Rocla celebrates its 30 years of AGV solutions

Rocla has developed and manufactured AGV (automated guided vehicle) solutions since 1983. First AGV, innovated by young engineers at Rocla, was designed and manufactured for Kone Corporation in Finland. Today Rocla is one of the leading providers of automated solutions with more than 7000 vehicles delivered in more than 1000 automation projects. Product range is wide: the smallest vehicles have been less than 30 cm in height, and the biggest ones about 12 meters long.

Counterbalance trucks from Järvenpää

Since this spring Rocla has been manufacturing electric counterbalance trucks in Finland for the first time in its history. Rocla's R&D has been designing these forklifts from 2011 already, so Finnish design and production knowhow is highly appreciated.

Rocla vastapaino trukki innovaatio CAT

Rocla’s new Solid truck makes pallet handling more effective and increases safety

Rocla’s Solid TPX25 pallet truck with fixed platform maximizes the efficiency of loading work.  Its robust, well-protected construction and tested performance ensure the work is both pleasant and efficient. Ergonomic fixed platform and strong, padded side walls provide extra comfort and protection for the driver.  Easy-to-use and durable Solid platform pallet truck increases the flow of loading work in terminals, stores and warehouses.