News archive 2014

The mission of making the best forklift truck in the market

Two years ago R&D Project Manager Janne Kouri was assigned to lead a challenging project. He was to renew the reach truck in such a way that would make it the best machine in the market, when it comes to user experience. Now he seems very satisfied with the outcome. The forklift was launched in spring and first comments from customers confirm that Kouri and his team have succeeded in their mission. The reach truck is still Rocla’s core product.

Humanic 2 reach truck

First electric counterbalance truck designed and manufactured by Rocla

For the first time in Rocla's over 70-year history, product development and production in Järvenpää have designed and manufactured their own electronic counterbalance truck range. The new Cat® EP25-35N 80V counterbalanced trucks are designed for demanding indoor and outdoor use.

Cat Lift Trucks Counterbalance truck

Reach higher more precisely with Rocla’s Humanic² reach truck

Rocla's new Humanic² reach trucks are designed to make driver's work easier without compromising high performance. Whether there's a more inexperienced driver or true professional, reach truck adapts to operator's movements in a natural way – take off, driving and load handling is always smooth and safe. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the durable reach truck series lifts up productivity even in the most demanding stacking and transportation tasks in different operating environments.

New Humanic

Positive experiences encouraged to expand the AGV system

Agfa Graphics in France has experience in Rocla’s AGV system for nearly 10 years. They have expanded the system twice. Mr. Christian Roekens, who is in charge of production, has been very pleased with the system as it has worked impeccably. He advises those, who consider automation, to involve personnel in planning in an early phase. In that way also users are committed to the system. Committed personnel can devote their time to more demanding and pleasant tasks instead of monotonous, routine transfers. Also, using automation increases the safety of work premises.