360° steering in counterbalance forklift trucks for the first time

Rocla's product development has designed a new Cat® EP14-20A(C)N(T) 48V counterbalance forklift truck range for the driver. Driving and handling are easy, safe and comfortable thanks to the innovative features of the truck and the ergonomic driving position. For the first time, the counterbalance truck has revolutionary 360° steering, which makes turning extremely agile. It allows the truck to be turned in the opposite direction (180°) without stopping, which speeds up work and keeps the load stable in a swift turn without swinging sideways. Developed and manufactured in Finland, 48V Cat counterbalance forklift trucks enhance efficiency in demanding and fast-paced loading environments such as containers, trucks and other confined spaces.

Monitoring and instantly reacting to changes in the speed of pedal movement, RDS constantly adjusts performance parameters so all actions are smoothly controlled – including starts and stops. Intelligent RDS adapts to the truck's speed so that the driver sees better truck handling at low driving speeds and high-precision lifting tasks, but on the other hand, the truck becomes very fast and efficient when needed, utilizing its full performance. Advanced curve control enables drivers to achieve the fastest safe cornering speed in any situation. It also resists truck tilting and counterbalance ‘snake-tailing’ after high-speed turns.

The new 48V Cat counterbalance forklift range features four-wheel steering with dual-drive, which makes the truck really agile. Thanks to its swiveling rear wheels of over 100 degrees, it is easy to maneuver even in tight space. Also, when reversing, the turning occurs immediately without push-back. Thanks to this innovation, the truck's grip and agility are the best in the market in this size range.

A load-sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts for weight to maintain precise control. Passive sway control keeps the automatic parking brake open so mast sway energy is absorbed by the mass of the whole truck. All masts and low-friction side-shift minimise sway, twisting and noise.

The cabin is also designed to be user-driven: it is particularly easy to step in and exit the truck thanks to the large step, the sturdy handle and the ergonomic curved design of the truck. Intelligently designed front panel, mast structure and counterweight ensure unobstructed visibility for both the front and rear. The unique adaptive driving and steering system with adjustable armrest, color display and pedals responds accurately and as expected to the user's movements, allowing the user to have full control over the truck. Ergonomic and adjustable armrests and mast controls that follow natural movement of your fingers increase work comfort. The clear and sharp color display tells you about the state of the truck with simple symbols and user's own language. In a spacious foot space, the pedals of the truck are positioned at a sufficiently low angle from the floor, so that the user's foot rests in a comfortable position, which reduces the strain on the ankle.

The user can adjust the speed, acceleration and braking of the machine according to the application with the help of two pre-programmed settings, eco and pro. Also, an inexperienced driver can easily use the truck by selecting an energy-saving, smoother operation setting. It is also possible to adjust the truck-specific settings for the truck.

The 3-wheel 48V range includes a total of 6 different models: three compact models with 1.4 or 1.6 ton lifting capacity and three more robust models with 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 ton lifting capacity and a 750 Ah high-performance battery. The 4-wheel collection includes a total of 5 different models: two compact models with a 1.6 ton lifting capacity and three more robust models with 1.8 or 2.0 ton lifting capacity and 750 Ah high efficiency batteries. Various options are available for all models, including lateral battery change, automatic drive and tilt speed reduction, and automatic tilt centering.


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