AGV uses its senses to find the pallet - watch how

Rocla Pallet Finder improves load handling precision and reduces the risk of load handling errors, thereby improving the overall safety situation in load handling areas. Pallet Finder provides an AGV with eyesight comparable to human-like vision. It measures the exact location of a pallet and also checks if the delivery location is occupied. It enables cost-effective use of automation also in special customer processes. Watch how AGV senses the correct location of a pallet!

Pallet Finder is an option available for Rocla’s AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It creates a precise image of the load handling place by using AGV’s senses. This means both the loading and unloading positions can be corrected, if needed, based on exact pallet location. The risk of forks hitting the pallet is reduced significantly.

Rocla Pallet Finder module works especially well with Rocla’s VNA vehicles and counter-balanced AGVs. It can be used in both stacking and racking applications. Since there is no need to design and place external location references, the commissioning phase is shortened. Pallet Finder also enables cost-effective use of automation in those special customer processes, where automation could not be used before.