The great user experience of Rocla’s reach truck was awarded with red dot

Rocla’s Humanic² reach truck has received the prestigious red dot 2016 design award. Designed for users needs and much appreciated by them, Humanic² reach truck was tested on site in Germany by international 41-member jury for its degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. A record number of 5,214 products from 57 nations participated the competition this year.

This is the 5th red dot award for Rocla. Thorough user study together with customers was the starting point for the development of the truck, and this has resulted in several innovations creating the best user experience. Whether there's a more inexperienced driver or true professional, reach truck adapts to operator's movements in a natural way – take off, driving and load handling is always smooth and safe.

”The product experience is affected by many things in addition to design. We have received very good feedback from the users for this product’s usability, load handling and driveability. The fact that overall experience is in a good level communicates improved competitive edge and knowhow to develop even better products.” explains Rocla’s design manager Kero Uusitalo.

“The user experience is a very important factor for customers today. Operators want to enjoy their work and operating a warehouse truck. Creating a good user experience, which is based on extensive user studies at customer premises, has to be supported by intelligent technology and quality components.” Mr. Uusitalo continues with an example: “The new adaptive drive system with progressive controls for acceleration and handling not only give a natural feeling to the driving and lifting experience but appear to ‘know’ how the operator needs the truck to behave at any time. The driver will notice better handling at low speeds and during precise lifting operations but on the other hand the truck’s behaviour will become fast and powerful when necessary, with great efficiency.”

The curve control which automatically reduces travel speed when cornering or when the forks are raised is another simple example of a truck adjusting as the operator works. Driving the truck is controlled also in higher speeds of 14 km/h, and thanks to the automatic curve control the truck stays very stable even in tight turns.

This year red dot competition was participated by a record number of 5,214 products from 57 nations. The awards will be given in early July in Essen at red dot museum. For more information about the competition

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