Rocla's new energy-saving lights increase work efficiency and employee satisfaction

Rocla improved energy savings, operational efficiency and employee satisfaction with GreenWarehouse and Spacewise lighting systems from Philips.

Rocla faced the issue of having a 40-year-old sodium lighting installation. Energy consumption was massive and the color rendering index very low. This meant increased operational costs and quality issues when evaluating the color of the products.

Rocla houses the global design center, where optimal light distribution with good color rendering is very important. We develop and manufacture products from a sustainable point of view, and a sustainable lighting solution was required. To solve these issues, Rocla wanted a lighting system with better controlling options, energy efficiency, color rendering and quality of light.

Rocla chose Philips as the supplier, which resulted in a tailored Philips GreenWarehouse solution, completed and installed in a few months, long before the agreed installation deadline.

The GreenWarehouse system is a flexible lighting control system, combined with high quality Philips LED luminaires. It saves more energy than standalone LED since it allows for lower lighting levels in inactivated areas. When no presence is detected the system dims down to a predefined light level to save energy whilst still ensuring safety. Once activity is sensed, it lights the area to 100%.

The solution has provided Rocla with 70% energy savings.  Not only have the energy savings improved, Rocla’s operational efficiency has increased by 7%, and satisfaction amongst the employees has also increased due to the clearer visibility in the darker hours, which makes it easier to focus.

After the factory light renewal project also the lights in office and negotiation spaces were renewed with Spacewise lighting system.

Images: Philips