Rocla's office renovated in Järvenpää

Rocla's main office and R&D office built in the 1980's went through a great face lift when they were fully renovated in Järvenpää. Both the surfaces and the furniture of office spaces and kitchen / lunch areas were renewed. The goal was to improve the work ergonomy and soundscape as well as utilize the spaces more versatilely.

Rocla wanted to have more flexibility in working environment and create more space for new colleagues. In the initial situation, the workstations were all in use, but there was a need for recruiting new persons. Also, the meeting rooms were always full and there was  a desire for various meeting and get together facilities. One important thing to consider was the sound stage - acoustic solutions were needed to solve the noise problem of open spaces. Improving ergonomics was one of the main drivers so that everyone would be able to increase movement during the work day.

Layout plans for office space were created by Kinnarps together with Rocla's designers. Increased openess was achieved through straight desktops and at the same time some workrooms were released for new use. This gave more room for the much sought-after encounter spaces that were boldly decorated in different styles and colors. The electric desks, on the other hand, encourage personnel to get up from the chair. Ceiling acoustic plates and sound absorbing mat helped to improve the overall sound environment and reduce noise. Desktop screens were added to achieve privacy and better focus.

The staff was actively involved in designing new workspaces, so the new multifunctional rooms and a more comfortable working environment have been very well received.

In the entrance lobby Kinnarps designed a new reception desk and also the furniture was renewed.

The surfaces of the kitchen, lunch areas and toilets were renovated in accordance with Rocla's designer's interior design and new fixed furnishings were replaced.

Photos: Kinnarps and Rocla