Rocla’s versatile Solid stackers increase the productivity of material handling

Rocla's reliable Solid stackers increase the productivity and flow of work thanks to their versatility.

Rocla's reliable Solid stackers increase the productivity and flow of work thanks to their versatility. Agile also in longer distances, these compact stackers are excellent for fast and safe lifting and lowering of pallets even in tight spaces. Easy to operate pedestrian and platform stackers are perfect for demanding material handling in trade and industrial warehouses and in loading and unloading of lorries.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, Solid stackers with lifting height up to 5400 mm have extremely strong, endurance-tested and well-protected construction, less breakable components, low energy consumption and recyclable parts. New features increase the product lifecycle, reduce the need for maintenance and decrease costs. The new stacker family consists of 16 brand new stackers for both pedestrian and platform use to meet different customer needs. Extended product line offers several mast options in four lifting capacities as well as initial lift and straddle models.

High lifting and lowering speed and competitive residual capacities increase productivity of working. Stepless lifting and lowering as standard in all models enables faster working. The advanced construction of the stacker ensures the operator has excellent visibility to fork tips also in high liftings up to 5400 mm. Narrow chassis and small turning circle make loading/unloading easy also in confined areas. Low center of gravity ensures excellent stability. Foldable, suspended platform in SPE models makes driving longer distances faster and more comfortable. Initial lift models with high ground clearance are perfect on steep ramps and uneven floors.

Large lifting and lowering levers of ergonomic h2 tiller arm allow easy, one-handed control. Operator can adjust the speed, acceleration and braking according to the application and user preferences with two operating modes, soft and performance. Soft mode makes using the machine easy also for inexperienced drivers while saving energy.

Protected chassis and splash-waterproof electrics ensure protection against dirt, dust and moisture for extended lifecycle and low maintenance need. Versatile battery compartment accommodates standard size batteries with a variety of capacities. Closed compartment with steel cover protects battery against impact and prolongs the battery life. All models can be equipped with design covers featuring company or brand identity for extra exposure in stores and other public premises.

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