Low level order picker PLS 20/25/12

Rocla PLS low level order picker brings full energy to the work: as well as delivering the best energy efficiency in the market*, its clever design maximises driver’s picking energy. The productivity of low and second level picking work is improved by saving time, reducing stress and increasing performance.

Picking work is comparable to a prolonged physical exercise, where small things can cause severe irritation in a long run. To avoid this scenario we designed every little detail in Rocla PLS to make driving as effortless as it should be, so the picker can relax by driving during picking. The productivity of low and second level picking work is improved by saving time, reducing stress and increasing performance.
The unique driving system of low level order picker reacts immediately and precisely to driver’s steering behaviour and travel speed, which makes driving safe and smooth for both more inexperienced drivers and professionals alike. Intelligent curve control constantly adjusts steering sensitivity and cornering speed to meet changing needs, which means the order picker stays very stable even in tight turns.
Driver can operate the adjustable driving wheel in different ways according to one’s own preferences and situation at hand.The innovative steering wheel has a 100-degree steering angle which ensures precise manoeuvring with minimal effort, even in tight spaces. Adjustable steering wheel can be used in different ways, also with one hand, according to driver preferences. Driving position stays good even when reversing thanks to the well-designed driver’s space.
Big driver space enables driving in several different positions and smooth walkthrough even with load, which makes picking work faster and more ergonomic. The high-comfort suspended floor acts as a presence detection system, allowing simultaneous step-in and acceleration for a ‘flying start’ and driving in different positions.
Rocla PLS helps energise its user with a non-slip, high-comfort suspended floor, adjustable backrest and plenty of storage space. Low step height with bevelled edges reduces the risk of trembling. Well-angled footrest ensures comfortable positioning of foot for drivers of all heights, which reduces the strain on ankle.
Side steering mode ensures maximum visibility also when carrying roller cages and speeds up the picking work. Bevelled forks offer easy pallet entry: reducing time and risk of pallet damage.
Models designed for second level picking, like rising operator platform, rising forks or combination models, reduce the need for climbing or stretching thus minimizing the stress from bad working positions. Rising operator platform with picking tray, where operator can place smaller items without lowering, make second level picking easier.
Rocla´s low level order pickers are designed and manufactured in Finland.
*14% lower than closest competitor

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