Rapid low level order picker PS20/PS10

Rocla Rapid low level order picker is the one for logistics centers and order picking warehouses. It is the most effective low level order picker in the market. This efficiency is achieved with driver-generated design and product development.

Rapid low level order picker brings efficiency and user comfort to a new level. It is 20 % more efficient in picking work. Thanks to Rapid’s unique solutions the driver space has grown by 40%, although the size of the truck has not grown. This improves significantly the ergonomics and flow of picking work.

The biggest operator platform in the market with bevelled corners, sturdy ergonomic handles and low step-up height makes it easy to step in and out of the truck. 40% bigger driver space also enables smooth walkthrough even with load. The intelligent floor detects driver presence automatically, which enables driving in several different positions and instant take-off when on board, which makes driving between picking locations faster.

The steering wheel resembles game controls, which makes it easy to use also for the more inexperienced drivers. Driver can operate M1 steering wheel in different ways, also with one hand. Its position and height can easily be adjusted to different drivers.

Rapid series include six models for different user needs: in addition to the basic model, a choice of rising platform, rising fork, and scissor lifting fork models for ergonomic second level picking. Rising platform makes order picking very ergonomic and safe up to 2300 mm picking height. Rising forks with an ergonomic load height of 800 mm means less strain for the operator. Scissor lift order picker can handle multiple pallets or trolleys up to 2000 kg load with strong fork construction.

Steering wheel rises with rising platform for extended operator comfort and safety. Platform and forks can both be raised while driving, reducing cycle times to a minimum. Foot-operated pedal saves time by letting operators lower the platform even with their hands full.

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