Manually operated products

Rocla's manually used products make the material handling easier in industry, retail stores as well in other warehouses. Rocla’s manual pallet truck, manual stacker and high lifters are made of high steel construction and designed to be as ergonomics as possible. Manually used products are easy to use even in limited working places.

Hand pallet trucks with scale RHW22 Dual and RHW21

With Rocla’s hand pallet trucks with scale the transportation and scaling of goods is done simultaneously – these devices save time in normal warehouse use up to 60 % compared to weighing in a separate scale.

Rocla Hand Pallet Truck

Manual stackers RSM10 and RSE10/12

Manual stacker RSM10 brings efficiency to small warehouses and stores.

RMA25 and RMA30 hand pallet trucks

Rocla RMA25 and RMA30 hand pallet trucks are durable tools for daily transportation of pallets in short distances.

BF25 hand pallet truck

Blue by Rocla BF25 is classical hand pallet truck for short distance use.

High lifters RXM10/RXE10

Rocla RXM and RXE 10 high lifters are exclusive tools in packing, unloading and moving pallets in food and furniture industry as well as in printing houses.