Order picking trucks

Order picking is the most time consuming and often the most expensive stage in materials handling. With a proper toll order picking can be handled efficiently. This efficiency is achieved with Rocla's driver-generated design and product development with profound understanding of customer's order picking process.

Rapid low level order picker PS20/PS10

Rocla Rapid low level order picker is the one for logistics centers and order picking warehouses. It is the most effective low level order picker in the market. This efficiency is achieved with driver-generated design and product development.

Rapid tow tractor

Tow tractors are meant for towing of roll containers and different kinds of trailers in varied environments such as airports, shopping centers, hospitals and factories. Rapid tow tractor is the one for pulling different kinds of trailers up to 3000 kg also in longer distances.

High level order pickers PHS/PHX10

Fast and durable high-level order picker is excellent for demanding use.